It is with great sadness that we have to announce that we’ll be officially CANCELING our Art of the Spirits Whiskey VIP Release Party for our Cask Strength “Final Run” Bourbon Whiskey by Artist, David Uhl Studios.

We truly wish we could of treated all of our #VIPGoldenTicket holders, but we’re about to be #SoldOut of our inventory and we wouldn’t have any in-stock be time we would be able to have this.


NEW Cask Strength Single Barrel "Easy Elegance" Rye Whiskey that is hand selected by the staff of Total Bevarage.

We are proud to release our best and most exclusive release to date! This 127.65 proof Cask Strength Single Barrel “Easy Elegance” Rye Whiskey is hand-selected by the staff of Total Beverage.

Below is a review from Steve Akley from The ABV Network and The Bourbon Daily:

Release: Easy Elegance Cask Strength

Type of Whiskey: Rye

Mashbill: 90% Rye, 5% Corn, 5% Malted Barley

Barrel: 30 Gallon/Char #4 (Alligator)

Yield: 120 Bottles (all hand-numbered)

Age: 30 Months

Proof: 127.24

Retail Price: $149.99

Buy This Product: Click here to buy a bottle at (use the coupon code ART25 to get $25 off.

Nose: The nosing starts as soon as you pop the cork. This one is a big, bold whiskey that literally jumps out of the bottle before you even take a pour. I’m catching a variety of scents here that include: oak, vanilla bean, honey and a hint of floral.

Palate: Across the palate this one grows in flavor and intensity. You’re going to get some nice tropical fruit notes upfront, followed by a blast of baked goods and a caramel and toasted marshmallow smattering across the center of your tongue.

Finish: This one finishes with a nice spark of peppery rye that increases in warmth for quite a bit after you swallow the whiskey. I absolutely love what is going on with this one on the finish.

Recommendation: I can’t recommend this one enough. I haven’t loved a rye this much since Jim Beam came out with its Booker’s Rye a few years ago. For $125 (after the coupon code listed above) it’s as good of a deal as you will find in artisan small batch whiskey. In fact, buy two bottles because this one is a drinker… it’s not going to sit around long on your bar, you are going to be drinking this one!