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REVIEW by Tawnya Bennett,
Certified Bourbon Steward & writer for the ABV Network’s The Whiskey Corner eMagazine:

Art of the Spirits “The Final Run-Cask Strength Single Barrel Bourbon”
Art of the Spirits is so much more than a whiskey. It becomes an experience with every release—the fantastic blends contained within the bottle and the beautiful artistry on the label itself.
The most recent release, “The Final Run,” based on real-life criminals Bonnie and Clyde, is no exception.
The magnificent artwork by notable artist David Uhl brings the iconic image to life. The couple’s run from the law pops from the label with vibrant colors and detail, a literal masterpiece on the bottle. With every AOTS release, you escape into the label’s theme and fantasize about being one of the characters. However, the beautiful bottle would be useless if its contents weren’t just as fantastic.

The Facts:
The Final Run is a 128 proof Cask Strength Single Barrel Bourbon with a three- year age statement. It’s then finished in a twelve-year-old Columbian Rum Cask, making this by far the most complex of the Art of the Spirits Whiskeys to date.
The Color is a Dark Amber with sparks of Golden Browns; its long legs cling to the glass.
The nose is hot at first. Like any high proof whiskey, you must take care not to blow out your senses. With ease, draw in the breath, and you’ll get Caramel Apples and Oak. I get a little Caramel Corn as well. (My favorite snack, by the way)
For the taste, I get Honey and Sugar instantly with hints of apples and baking spices. Its creamy mouthfeel is so impressive with a tremendous amount of heat. The traces of the rum cask sneak onto your palette as it finishes.
The Finish is like warm spicy caramels melting and coating your insides. You take another sip so your brain can process what your senses are experiencing.

This limited run is as unique as the labeling. Every bottle of Art of the Spirits is genuinely remarkable. I’ve yet to be disappointed, but this by far is my favorite of their creations. I will cherish this bottle to the last drop.

Tawnya Bennett,
Certified Bourbon Steward & writer for the ABV Network’s The Whiskey Corner eMagazine